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11.00 AM 478-9
12.00 PM 570-2
01.00 PM Loading..
02.00 PM 567-8
03.00 PM 150-6
04.00 PM 380-1
05.00 PM 130-4
06.00 PM 245-1
07.00 PM 248-4
08.00 PM 368-7
09.00 PM 780-5
10.00 PM 570-2


09.30 AM 357-5
10.30 AM 122-5
11.30 AM 147-2
12.30 PM 190-0
01.30 PM Loading..
02.30 PM 233-8
03.30 PM 467-7
04.30 PM 680-4
05.30 PM 137-1
06.30 PM 178-6
07.30 PM 116-8
08.30 PM 169-6


10:00 PM 570-2
10:30 PM 470-1
11:00 PM 240-6
11:30 PM 366-5
12:00 AM 670-3
12:30 AM 124-7
01:00 AM 690-5
01:30 AM 359-7
02:00 AM 120-3
02:30 AM 235-0
03:00 AM 890-7
03:30 AM 459-8


( 04.00 AM )

{ 52 }

[ 93 ]


( 05.15 AM )

{ 39 }

[ 12 ]


( 11.00 AM )

{ 26 }

[ 12 ]


( 12.30 PM )

{ 95 }

[ 78 ]

Gali Gold

( 02.30 PM )

{ 81 }

[ -- ]

Kalyan Gold

( 04.00 PM )

{ 54 }

[ -- ]


( 06.00 PM )

{ 82 }

[ -- ]

Disawar Gold

( 07.00 PM )

{ 10 }

[ -- ]


( 08.00 PM )

{ 44 }

[ -- ]

Rajdhani Gold

( 08.30 PM )

{ 39 }

[ -- ]


( 10.30 PM )

{ 53 }

[ -- ]


( 11.00 PM )

{ 85 }

[ -- ]


( 11.00 PM )

{ 43 }

[ -- ]


( 11.30 PM )

{ 98 }

[ -- ]

King Jodi Chart 2022

King Jodi Chart 2021

King Jodi Chart 2020


Astrology Chart

Astrology Weekly Patti Or Penal Chart From

2022-08-15 To 2022-08-21

Milan Day, Time Kalyan, Balaji Day, Morning Syndicate, Dhanlaxmi Day.

Mon=>593 262 421 822 197

Tue=>345 620 720 753 769

Wed=>225 388 888 264 386

Thu=>450 658 394 702 796

Fri=>556 152 739 948 336

Sat=>653 649 763 974 164

Sun=>848 141 940 994 283

Astrology Chart

Astrology Weekly Line Open Or Close From

2022-08-15 To 2022-08-21

Milan Day, Time Kalyan, Balaji Day, Morning Syndicate, Dhanlaxmi Day.

Mon. 3 5 1 6 6

Tue. 3 0 9 7 7

Wed. 3 1 1 1 5

Thu. 4 2 8 3 2

Fri. 8 1 6 1 9

Sat. 3 1 5 9 7

Sun. 9 9 9 5 8

Astrology Chart

Astrology Weekly Jodi Chart From

2022-08-15 To 2022-08-21

Milan Day, Time Kalyan, Balaji Day, Morning Syndicate, Dhanlaxmi Day.

33 88 65 99 78

13 19 62 49 84

94 54 46 69 66

24 92 92 81 48

33 61 36 17 10

47 54 30 61 29

99 70 24 30 78

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ANS: It is a form lottery game played with numbers 0-9. The word satta means betting, and matka refers to an earthen pot. Unlike today, gamblers present personally at one place and wager on their lucky numbers. The game owner will pick the numbers from the matka and, thus, declare the result for the day.


ANS: The game of satta matka originates in 1950. During this phase, people used to bet on the opening and closing rates of cotton. These declared rates were later transmitted to Bombay Cotton Exchange via teleprinters from New York Cotton Exchange. By 1961, this practised was stopped, but it didn’t end punters’ betting interest. Later, several online satta platforms evolved in India just after the independence. The game includes an earthen pot containing number chits from 0-9. The game later was restricted by the governing bodies terming it illegal. By this time, the game has already gained immense popularity, and thus, shortly, it was back online on various satta sites. Presently, there are numbers of satta platforms to play matka online.

QUE: How To Calculate Satta Matka Number ?

Learn how to calculate satta Matka Number with India Satta

Three numbers between 0 and 9 are available. These numbers will be your initial selection when you randomly select 5, 3, or 6. The final number, the sum of the three integers, is then calculated (5 + 3 + 6), giving the result, which is 14. If you just want to utilize one digit from the chosen numbers, such as (14), you should pick the final digit, 4. Your initial draw would be 5, 3, and 6 x 4, as a consequence. The following collection of figures

An A player can draw another set of numbers. Similar to the first set of numbers, the second set is drawn. So, in this case, we would draw 8 and 2. Therefore, we can pick 8, 2, 8 x 8 for the second set of numbers. As a result, the final card appears to be: - (5, 3, 6 x 4) X (8, 2, 8 x 8).

QUE: How to guess Satta Matka Number ?

ANS: Play the Matka game to see if you can guess the winning number. This number system can predict several numbers, including Open, Close, Jodi, Panel, Sangam, and Jackpot. Furthermore, a SECRET trick that has never been beaten is available for you. Play Matka after following the steps we have explained in detail. In the Indian satta marketplace, Satta has an extensive simple matka guessing trick record. This is among the most popular Indian simple matka guessing trick that is contended with by many people at this time, Satta Matka. The popularity of Indian Matka is on the rise worldwide as technology grows day by day. The last time you played this sport, you had to journey to a particular location; however, now you could play it sitting at your house with Satta's simple matka guessing trick Matka Asia.

QUE: Types of Games in Satta Matka

ANS: Types of Satta Matka

The single:

You can choose any number between 0 and 9 with this type of Satta Matka. The Kalyan Results are delivered according to the luck of the draw.

The Matka is:

An associate degree material pot is the meaning behind the name. It is a popular name. To make counting more accessible, the pots included a range of draws. It is a popular name.


A trial is called a Jodi in Hindi. The Matka consists of 10 tries, ranging from 00 to 99.99. You can choose any try from 00 to 99.99, and you can play Matka.

Results Open/Results Closed:

In Matka, there are two results, one Open and one Closed. The Open is the game's first half, and the Closed is it's second. Playing it is fun.


This type is linked to sporting 3-digit Kalyan Results, but there's a catch: only a small number of people are allowed to put bets.

QUE: What is the difference between Satta Matka and Kalyan Satta ?

ANS: The game of Satta Matka has been played in India since before the country was independent. Over the ages, the game has been about creating uncertainty so that better features can be created. There is an opportunity for each player to win a significant amount of money in this lottery or gambling game. Providing a stylish solution to your gaming needs, Kalyan Satta offers a superior gaming experience. The game will fill your time with various levels of delight if you find it enjoyable.

QUE: Why do we trust on India satta website for Kalyan's result?

ANS: Indian lottery games like Sattamatka are also top-rated and common. Currently, these games are bet online and provide entertainment. These online betting games have become popular because they are entertaining, provide compensation for earlier losses, reward greediness, and reward luck. In addition to providing entertainment, they are also beneficial for earning. Several people in India bet on matka games for a variety of reasons. The rules of these games are straightforward to understand so that people can play them easily. You can follow a few tricks and tips that will improve your odds of winning at casino games.

QUE: How do I register to play?

ANS: We have a sign up option, where you can register yourself.


ANS: The specific jargon of the games made it attractive, exciting and demanding among the players across the globe.

• Matka – It is a Hindi word meaning an earthen pot. The number from 0-9 is written in chits, put in matka and later drawn by the game organizer to declare the day’s satta results.
• Single – Single is any digit from 0-9
• Jodi/Pair – it refers to any pair of digits ranging from 00-99
• Patti/Panna – it refers to three digits number drawn as a betting result.

QUE: Disclaimer

ANS: Please contact us directly if you have any concerns about our disclaimer, please contact us directly. India Satta provides our contact number in case users encounter problems. To ensure that users can navigate our website efficiently, it has been designed to be easy. Customer satisfaction is our primary goal.

Matka's result provides a lot of helpful information. The information you need about satta matka can be found on our website. As a good faith reference, the website serves only as a source of general information. It is not responsible for any money issues during the game. This information is not guaranteed to be accurate, reliable, or complete by Matka's result. Any actions taken by the user after accessing information are the user's sole responsibility. In no case can Matka's result be held responsible for damages or disruptions caused by the use of this website. The hyperlinks on this website provide external links to other websites. You can use these links to access those external sites. Providing links to other ethical sites is only acceptable if the content is valuable and of high quality. By linking to other websites, we do not imply that we endorse the sites' content or nature. We are not endorsing those websites. Our website does not update links to external websites since this is the owners' responsibility. Owners are free to remove or update links as they see fit.

Indian Satta: Play and Win Big

The Indian Satta Matka gaming Truth

These days, every business has combine digital world, such as the Satta Matka marketplace. Everyone can play readily Satta sport on the internet. We're providing an opportunity to guess your lucky numbers in Satta Matka marketplace and receive a fantastic sum of money. We've supplied our helpline number, you can telephone us directly and receive your query solved. Our executive assists the customer in withdrawal and deposit cash any time in addition to tips, imagining, and outcome. If you're new and wish to spend your cash in Satta Matka Market, our executive enables you to spend your cash in Indian Matka, Indian Satta Matka section. Just signup our providers and begin to play with online Indian Satta Matka.

The general amount of the Satta Matka sport is magnificent and quite hard to come to a specific conclusion. It's time to focus and take our guidance for your blessed numbers to set the bet on the match of Mumbai Satta, Madhuri Satta, Syndicate Night Satta, Kalyan Matka match Indian Matka amount, and win big cash online.

The sport which was played for entertainment slowly proven to be an exceptional gaming avenue to make a fortune and improve wealth. Nowadays thousands of gamers throughout the planet participate every day in almost any Indian Matka game. Though a lot of countries labeled the sport as prohibited, gamblers are taking the probability of earning the amounts of cash with our Matka hints.

The Satta Matka lottery, such as the Matka imagining, Satta Bazaar, Matka Jodi and panel Chart, Satta Matka hints, and similar provisions, are associated with earning huge quantities of money in a short while.

Factors to Consider while Enjoying the Sport of Indian Satta Matk

To acquire huge quantities of money, an individual should always stick to the rules and techniques. For those novices, it's ideal to get an experience with all the lottery pulls that have basic rules and stick to a structured format. The sport of Indian Matka Open resembles the game of characters. The principles are manageable and simple to follow.

After creating the two individual sets together with the selected digits between 0 to 9, then an individual may make a number card after the simplest rule and set a bet. An individual can set many stakes, and the final card combination can alter the chance to some extent. After mastering the ideas and tricks, the game appears easy to the beginners in addition to pro gamblers.

The Chart panels and jodis of different Indian Satta Matka games share the ideas and techniques about the various websites, and also the first-time member finds it easy since they're presented in easy words. The internet Satta Matka websites announce the results in a couple of minutes following conclusion of the match.

If a person is searching for 100% real suggestions and precise Satta Matka results after putting the wager, it's ideal to see and join our website. The Satta Matka Results are authentic with no doubts and e signal company without any false promises. We maintain a continuous watch on the implementation of different Satta Matka matches on various websites. Our attempt is to allow you to take the ideal step so you don't eliminate money without understanding the ideas and tricks. It's time to hit the jackpot playing nicely after studying the abilities form us. It's the right time to become daring and alter your luck with our advice. Proceed for them.

Know the history of Satta Matka

Now you have the summary of Satta Matka, let's go to its past and origin. As stated before the Satta Matka was launched from the year 1960. The lottery Satta sport became famous in this brief period they needed to halt the practice from the year 1961. It had been discontinued by the New York Cotton Exchange since it had been providing rise to a different sort of dependence. Following the clinic ceased, the punters began searching for alternative methods to put a wager and also to keep the Satta Matka company living.

It wasn't long before they found a different way. Primarily Rattan Khatri came in to electricity and introduced the concept of placing the wager about the opening and closing prices of fanciful products. Within this technique, the slides of fanciful figures were at a big pitcher. Following this winning numbers were attracted by an individual along with the winner whose wager was right was announced.

As time moved forward, you will find numerous changes brought into the custom of playing Matka like individuals then began drawing amounts from playing cards, etc but the title of the game stayed the same. 'Matka' was also turned into part of the lottery. The matches were becoming played with little alterations.

The booming textile mills in Mumbai was be quite helpful for the company of Matka. The textile employees that played Matka have been at a sizable number. Therefore across the mill regions, bookies began opening their stores which were found largely in Central Mumbai.

These were the years were the company has made within the anticipation kind of advancement. This resulted in receiving the gambling volumes as large as Rs. 500 crores which were laid every month. The booming firm of Matka came into the eye of the general public and Mumbai authorities made the traders take this lottery match into the outskirts of town and forced them change their foundation.

Next, many traders moved their company to the exterior of their country. Some transferred into Gujrat, and many others transferred into the other nations of the nation.

Satta Matka: Related Terminologies and Their Meanings

Satta Matka: The expression Satta Matka signifies an earthen pot that's normally manufactured from clay, it may also be described as a large pitcher. It plays a considerable role in Satta Matka since it had been utilized as a bud to draw amounts from.

Single: Single is described as a single-digit amount, so essentially its number between 0 to 9 that is included with Satta gambling.

Patti/Panna: Matka entails some small 3 digit amounts. Every time a three-digit amount comes as a gambling outcome then it's named Patti Panna.

Open/Close Results: The Result of the lottery Satta Matka game has two results. The very first result is known as open Result and the next one is referred to as a close Result.

Get Super-fast Live Satta Matka Result

Satta Matka, in previous days, was performed with the assistance of the newspaper. The procedure was supposed to indicate the amounts readily available on the number Chart Record. But, with the improvement of the electronic world, many online Satta Matka websites, in addition to programs, made it a lot easier for Satta Matka games. In, we provide our users with the ideal platform to perform a huge array of Matka matches and get hefty quantities. We're among the reputable websites providing Satta Matka Result of all types. We've got a superb group of specialists that will direct in each phase.

What We Provide Our Customers?

We provide an absolute chance to turn into the Satta King by using their skills. Our specialist consultants will support you with everything associated with Satta Matka, for example, Fast Matka Result or successful Matka tips. In addition, we provide our customers with previous Jodi and Panel Chart Result, so they can follow and compare to get money. Our principal purpose is to assist every user that joins us needs our assistance. Our specialists are well-experienced within the specialty of Satta Matka matches and also possess excellent imagining proficiency. Together with our real Matka hints, you'll win in the Satta Matka.

What Is Satta king?

Satta kings are known to be the kings of the games or could also be known as experienced satta players. The satta players or सट्टा मटका market owners that have years of experience with them are known as the Satta king. There are not many satta kings, some might even use this title for people who give out guessing’s. Satta king is an important post that all the players aim to attain. It could be said that this is the post that is reserved for the people who gave their all to this game and are always known to be the game experts. There are many tips and tricks to become a ستا کنگ and one can do their research online.

What Is Satta king (સટ્ટા કિંગ) Matka Game?

सट्टा मटका is also known as the guessing game. In this game, there are various markets or game hosts that display results on the website. Players can bet on the numbers that they think has the highest chance to be the result of the market. The market results are known as சட்ட ரேஸுல்ட்ஸ் and are easily available for people when the time of the result to be displayed occurs. This game is also considered similar to the lottery game and many of the people enjoy this game because it is a real money game where people can earn cash prizes by simply guessing few numbers. These kinds of conditions are rare among games. Hence, this game has so much popularity because it is a real money game.

What are the different types of Satta King (सट्टा किंग) Games?

The different types of satta king games.There are mainly 14 types of Satta King games played in India. The 14 games are Mumbai satta king, Disawar, Gali, Ghaziabad, Faridabad, Balaji, Janta, Metro, Gali Gold, Kalyan Gold, Disawar Gold, Kuber, Dhanlaxmi, and Rajdhani Gold..

How to Win Satta king?

Things that you need to do to win the game are not always simple. Though the steps taken for playing this game is very simple, that rule isn’t the same while people guess. Players need to understand that they cannot always win hence they should follow the steps to win. To win the ستة كينج بلايرس need to do their research on the market, game type, full bhav rates, charts, and all the other things related to the game. In turn, they need to exactly learn all the ins and outs of the game. Once it is done they need to decode the satta charts like the panel chart and the Jodi chart. Each chart has a different set of data that is very beneficial if used properly. People can get a lot of benefits through these charts. Beginners are advised to bet with the free guessing’s and the long-term players usually prefer paid guessing’s to bet more.

What is satta king live result?

The term live result is used when anything is done live. ಸತ್ತ ರಿಸಲ್ಟ್ಸ್ are the results that are declared by the markets of the సత్తా మట్కా గేమ్. Each market is different from one another and has different things for its users. The markets have a predecided schedule in which it displays results. Our website has welcomed the concept of live results that is always on time and people can see the results at a definite time. This maintains transparency between the players and the owners.

Advantages of playing Satta King Game?

Listing out a few advantages of playing ستا کنگ game:

  • One of the advantages is that it has kept all the people hooked is that it is a real-time money game
  • People can now get entertained and earn money at the same time.
  • It is a source of instant money.
  • People can learn good skills and play on trustworthy sites.

Is Satta King game Legal in India?

As said, the game is not legal in India because it was banned in the mid-2000s. Though the game was banned and a lot of lottery services were banned for unknown reasons, this game is still played online. People can play and bet on the game on various apps and websites.

Change Your Destiny by Playing the New game Starline Satta Matka

Yes, you have heard it right. You can really change your destiny by playing this game. This game has a history of dragging people from rags to riches. People can get a daily opportunity to make money through this game and they grab it with two open arms. Starline games are known to be exceptionally special because this market display results 12 times a day and 7 days a week. This concept is a little similar to casinos and players can get results in every one hour.

What Is Starline Bazar? And what are the different types of Starline Games?

Starline markets are the markets that display results 12 times a day and are famous for being the quick matka games. There are mainly three types of starline market. There is dubai starline, kalyan starline, and milan starline. While kalyan and milan star off in day time, ستارلاين دبي is mostly a late-night market. These markets are famous for displaying results every one hour and are famous for giving so many opportunities to their players.

How to Win Starline Satta (ملك)?

As mentioned before starline markets does display results a lot of time but they only display a two-digit result each time. This means that players can guess the one-two digits and can play single and Jodi game types only. These game types are very preferable and to win players would need to do a little research and get their সাতটা গেসিং.

Advantages of playing Starline Satta Matka?

The following are the advantages of playing સ્ટારણીને સટ્ટા મટકા:

  • Players would not have to wait for the results as the results are displayed after every 1 hour.
  • Players can get more opportunities than any other market because each market displays 12 results every day.
  • The money earning process through this market is easy because they only have two game types that is single and Jodi, which are both easier as compared to other.

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