Panna - What You Should know?

Placing bets in different game variations in several matka games listed under the primary markets like Regular, Starline, or King Bazar quickly proceeds on any reliable satta sites. Unlike in the traditional matka booking ways, the satta games on the online platforms is modified with different game variations for the player's added pleasure.

In the initial years of matka booking, the players had only the option to bet in single akda and that too once a day. Repeating games often gets boring.

After shifting to online platforms, today's matka games evolve with different variations like OPEN, CLOSE, PANNA OR PATTI, HALF-SANGAM, and SANGAM. The number selecting method is the same for all the variations, but playing ways differs a bit. In this article, we would explore Panna.

What is Panna?

Panna is one of the five primary variations. The term is also known as Patti or Panna in different areas. Here, three digits numbers between 000-999 play a role in placing a bet. It is important to note that all the three digits between 000-999 are not Panna's. Out of thousand Panna, only 220 three digits numbers refers to as Pana.

Patti or Pana's are consecutive numbers in ascending order like 123, 345, 567, etc. However, 132, 435, 657 are invalid as Pana's. Out of numerous potential triple-digit numbers, only 220 triple digits are valid for wagering when organised in correct order. For instance, 123, 321, 312, 213, 132, and 231, when arranged in ascending order, the result is one only, i.e. 123.

Panna further classifies into three sorts, i.e. Single Patti, Double Patti, and Triple Patti.

  • Single Panna consists of three cards with different integers arranged in ascending order, and none of the integer repeats. There are 120 single Pana's in total. 123, 456, 789, etc., falls under single Pana.
  • Similar to single Panna, double Pana's too consists of three integers. Unlike in single Pana, here, a minimum of two consecutive numbers are the same. There are ninety double Pana's in total. 100, 228, 220, 799, etc., falls under double Panna.
  • Understanding triple Panna is straightforward. The cards consist of a single integer repeated thrice like 666, 111, 999, etc. There are ten triple digits in total.

The final thought

The different game variation garnishes the matka gambling with more fun and excitement increasing player's interest holding them longer on the platform. It has resulted in attracting additionally a large volume of gamblers across the globe. Since the satta matka is flavoured with different variations, the volume of participants has increased by 10x.

Panna or Patti is the most popular among all the matka variations. The new entries struggle initially to understand it, but later they find it more exciting wagering in Patti. It is advisable not to rush placing a bet in Patti early, being greedy to win huge. Selecting numbers for Pana requires experience, calculative methods and logic, which comes with time.

Gambling in multiple matka games like Kalyan, Bhoothnath, Disawar, Madhuri, Main Sridevi, and many more in the list become highly interesting with different variations, especially Pana or Patti.

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