Motor Patti Chart

Motor patti or motor pana is similar to 220 patti. It is a type of bundled panas. Usually, players select to wager in a specified patti. For instance, they bet on single patti (234), double patti (223), or triple patti (999). But when you select to play motor patti, you need not specify a particular 220 patti. You get an opportunity to wager in a bundle of 220 panas that gets chosen as you set the motor patti in the PM Games app. 

Motor patti is usually played by selecting a bundle of 4/5/6/7/8/9 digits between 0-9 in ascending order like 23456, 35690, 1234, etc. Add the chosen motor patti and bet with a lower amount. You can opt to play for single, double, or triple patti. Soon the bet is placed, a list of 220 patti gets arranged. 

Suppose you bet for ten rupees. But the total amount that gets deducted is ten times the number of patties listed. For instance, you selected 1234 as motor patti and wagered in a single patti. Four different 220 patties will get listed. Thus, (4x10 = 40) a total of forty rupees get deducted from your funds. Similarly, for a double patti, nearly 120 rupees need to be bet. 

If you still wonder how your profits double? In the selected list of three patties, you win if any one of them gets hit as a winning number. In short, you get multiple choices of three cards to win a game with a higher winning proportion. Compared to a simple 220 patti where you need to bet on a specific three digits, your effort lessens as you get ready to calculate numbers in the motor patti. The players can also bet on open and close motor pana. 

Several players get confused with how the winning takes place in the motor patti. It is simple, if any number wins in the motor patti, you per the sites rule, i.e. 1:winning proportion (whatever it may be) and not 40:(winning ratio). 

The experts analyse the motor patti chart to pick a set of motor patti.

MOTOR Patti CHART (DAILY) | Motor Panel

1 34890
2 12580
3 25780
4 24789
5 24689
6 25689
7 23579
8 34679
9 24679
10 25670
11 14589
12 24589
13 23689
14 34589
15 45680
16 56780
17 34580
18 26789
19 35689
20 24680
21 14589
22 13567
23 45689
24 34678
25 46790
26 35790
27 34689
28 25679
29 35680
30 45790
31 26780

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