A Complete Guide to Play Andar Bahar Online on India Satta

Andar-Bahar is a straightforward card game. Maybe you would have enjoyed it playing with friends or family on weekends. It is also known as Katti or Maang patti in several regions of India. The game is nothing new, played since our ancestors age, but it was introduced as Andar-Bahar when added to the casino centres. People often wonder if it is legal to play as casinos are legal only at the offshore regions like Goa, where several licensed casino corners entertain the public. But now, the online casino lets you enjoy it sitting in the corner of your comfort zones. We invite you to play the game on India Satta - A verified online gaming website that serves as a platform to enjoy a list of casinos and satta matka games. If you have never experienced playing the game online, it will take longer to learn and get started with the following guide.


What is Andar-Bahar?

It is a traditional card game, initially played offline and known as Katti in some regions of India. It got popular as Andar-Bahar on online casino platforms. The dealer will randomly pick one wild card from the deck of 52 cards and place it in the centre as a Joker. Andar and Bahar are two sides, and a player needs to bet on a side, guessing which side will receive a similar card to the Joker. You can either play single or in a group.


Suppose the dealer pulled hearts of 10 as a wild card. The game starts with betting on either side, and the dealer begins dealing cards until the next card, similar to Joker, falls on either side. If it falls on your wagered side, you win the game.


As we said, the game is straightforward and luck-based. Your instincts and good guessings work to fetch wins.


How to play Andar-Bahar Online on India Satta?

India Satta is a suitable place to start cash games, whether it is live matka or online casino games. The site is associated with a trustworthy application - Play PM Games app. Visit the website and install the application. Sign Up, add the mandatory details and deposit 300 rupees. We highly recommend enjoying Andar-Bahar in the app because it allows you to get started from anywhere and anytime quickly. The game is listed under Live casino, Evolution, and Bollywood Casino. Below are the rules to play online Andar-Bahar, enhancing your interest and confidence to play and win.


Game Rules to Play Andar-Bahar Online

lThe game is possible to play in groups or single.

lThe dealer pulls a wild card as a Joker and places it in the tables centre.

lThe table has two boxes, Andar and Bahar. It would be best if you placed a bet on either side.

lThe rule of drawing the first card might differ. Some dealers commence games drawing the first card on the Bahar side if the Joker card is more than 5. Some others select the side to initiate the game by checking the cards colour if it is hearts or spades. If the card suit is black, then the first card is dealt with the Andar side, and if it comes to be a red card, the game starts with the Bahar side.

lThe game's objective is to predict which side will receive the next similar card to Joker.

lThe game begins placing the 1st bet. The dealer keeps dealing the cards until a similar card to Joker appears on either of the sides.

lIf it falls on your wagered side, you win and get paid 25% of the wager amount. The winning amount might differ from one platform to another.

lYou can proceed with the 2nd bet if the dealer has not drawn the joker card after the first bet.

lOnce the bet gets closed, the dealer proceeds with dealing the cards, and the game continues until any side wins.

lYou can also play the Super Bahar Bet, which is optional. If the first card is a joker and falls on the Bahar side, you win 11times your betting.

lThe winning amount will get added to the wallet, and you can withdraw it anytime.


Side bets to double profits in Online Andar-Bahar

When you get practised with the basics of Andar-Bahar, you can try hands on the side bets and double your profits.

lLike, how many cards will be dealt before the Joker appears

lGuessing the colour and value of the Joker

lWhat number the Joker card might fall


Strategies to win Andar-Bahar

lThe game has a 50-50 chance to win. You can plan your strategies as you practise the game and learn from your stakes.

lStill, experts often opt for the Martingale strategy. You can double the bet every time you lose it till you win. Once you get declared a winner, start with a lower chance.

lCount the cards and remaining jokers.

lPlay with lower betting rates.

lDo not frequently change the side with every new bet.


Several players often make some general queries related to Andar-Bahar.


lIs playing online Andar-Bahar legal?

Ans - Though it is a chance game, theres no rule to define the game as illegal. It is wise to play the game in verified apps like the Play PM Games app.


lHow to make more money in Andar-Bahar Online?

Ans - The game is simple. Plan strategies, take chances placing side bets and install a trustworthy application to avoid errors in cash payments.


lShould I play single or in a group?

Ans - You can select to play in any way as the cards dealt are two only every time. It would be best if you played a game with your guessings.


lCan I cheat in the game?

Ans - Zero chances are there to manipulate the game, especially on the India Satta platform.


Why choose India Satta?

Players select a suitable platform to play cash games, whether it is Andar Bahar or satta matka online. India Satta is a famous and reliable online gaming site ruling the gaming industry at the top for years. The platform is associated with a verified application. Installing it will allow you to play and win cash at your convenience. The forum with a considerable user base falls under the top list and is the player's first choice. The reliable content on the site in a simple language makes it easily accessible for users and visitors to understand the services provided on the site.


Why should you play in the Play PM Games app?

 lYou can download the application from the official page of India Satta. Applications are the best and safe way to place bets quickly and enjoy exciting features and live services to maximise your winnings. 

lThe wallet feature in the app will save your gaming history of Andar-Bahar and provide the exact calculations of your investments in the game, showing wins, losses, deposits, and withdrawals. 

lThe online payment system will save your time, and error-free cash transactions will secure more profits in your accounts. 

lApart from online casino games, there is an option to collect more funds from popular matka games like Kalyan, Syndicate, Bhoothnath, Mumbai, Balaji Day, Milan Night, Rajdhani, Dubai, and many more.


The feedback and live chat option help you share your doubts and inquiries with professionals and a 24/7 support team.

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