A Complete Guide to Play Teen Patti Online on India Satta

Teen Patti is a traditional card game. Since our ancestors era, it has been entertaining the card players with different variations. Initially, it was only a game and played for free. Later, when the money elements get involved, punters gamble and win. Thus, prudent minds never supported the game. Still, it remained one of the favourites of our ancestors. The truth is playing Teen Patti is prohibited in India. Have you enjoyed playing teen patti ever? If not, take a chance to play it now on the online platforms. With the onset of online gaming platforms, several traditional games have been shifted with added features and variations. If you have never tried your hands in it, and are still interested, visit the India Satta platform- a reliable online gaming platform to enjoy multitudes of games with real money. Teen patti usually falls under the live casinos and is also listed under Evolution and Bollywood casinos. We further provide you with a complete guide exploring teen patti and explaining how to play teen patti on India Satta.


What is Teen Patti Game?

Initially rooted in India, teen patti is a chance game with different variants to be played and won. It is also popular as Flush or Flash and is highly famous as one of the card variants in India. It is a competitive game where players place top-up wagers. In the end, a player with the best hand wins the pot.


How to play Teen Patti on India Satta?

 lVisit our official page - Indiasatta.co

lDownload the application - Play PM Games app. The app is verified and secures the user's privacy.

lSign Up, add the required data and deposit 300 rupees.

lNavigate each feature in the app before commencing the game.

lUnder the Top Games, you will see Indian Teen Patti. Click on it and enter the platform to have fun playing the game with your desired bets.

lInitially, every player needs to place an Ante.

lEach player is dealt three cards face down, and the game begins with the player next to the dealer in the clockwise direction.

lYou have an option to play blind or check the cards, decide to top-up Ante or fold.

lA player left at the end or having high cards on the show is the winner of the game.

lYour money gets added to the wallet in the app, and you can withdraw it anytime, provided there is a minimum sum to make a withdrawal request.


Teen patti game rules

Though the basics of playing teen patti remained the same in offline and online mode, the online ways of enjoying the game differ slightly. Here are a set of rules to understand the online teen patti.

lThe game starts with 3 or 7 players, and a deck of 52 cards is required, excluding jokers.

lEach player needs to add a standard Ante in the pot, initially.

lEach player gets three cards facing down, and the game begins with the player next to the dealer in the clockwise direction.

lPlayers are free to opt for blind or seen. In the case of Blind, they need to add up to double the initial Ante. If Seen, they can continue playing, adding double the Blind amount or Fold.

lThere is no limitation of betting rounds in the game. The game continues till two players are left at the end. A player with a high ranking hand wins the match.

lA person with Blind, who continues to play till the end, need not show the cards if no player offers him a show.

lTwo players can go for a side-show with mutual approval. A player with a low ranking needs to Fold. If both the players have the same cards, then the player who offered for side-show needs to Fold.

lA Seen player cannot demand a show but can request a side-show.


Rules of Blind/Seen

lWhen you play blind, you need to play equal to or double the current stake if the player before you is playing "Seen".

lIf a player before you is playing blind, you need to play half or equal to the current stake. 

When you are playing "Seen"

lIf the player before you is playing Seen, you need to bet twice the current stake.

lIf the player before is playing blind, you need to play twice or four times the current stake.


In the online teen patti game, there is no need for manual calculations. The game itself picks the required amounts.

Different Ranking in Teen Patti

A teen patti player needs to understand the different variations to collect cash rewards.

lTrio/Trial: A set of three cards with the same rank like 555, 888, etc. AAA is the highest rank of all in the game.

lStraight Run: A set of three cards placed consecutively of the same suit like spade of 123, diamonds of 567, clubs of JQK, hearts of AKQ, etc.

lNormal Run: A set of three cards placed consecutively of the different suits like Spade of A and KQ of hearts. In short, the sequence in other suits stands for Normal Run.

lFlush/Colour: A set of three cards of the same colour where sequence doesnot matter like hearts of A, 10, 5.

lPair: A set of three cards out of which two cards are the same like K, K, 10.

lHigh Card: A set of three cards not making any suit, pair, or colour like 2, 5, K of different suits.

lMuflis: A set of three cards with the lowest ranking and differs in suits like 2, 3, 5.


Important points to note about Teen Patti

lA player can play Blind or Seen on his choice. There's no fixed rule to start with Blind.

lA player can exit the game anytime by folding his cards. The amounts he added to the pot gets forfeited.

lAAA is the highest-ranking of all in the game.

lWhen itis a tie, a player who requests a show needs to Fold.

lA player need not disclose his cards until another player requests him. If he plays blind and there is no show till the end, he wins the pot without revealing his cards to anyone, even if he has the lowest rank.

lIf two players do not make a Show or Pack the game at the end, it is considered a Tie. the amount in the pot either gets divided between them or returned.


Further, we pen down some essential queries often made by teen players or novices.

 ● Is playing teen patti online legal?

Teen Patti usually is not legal, but playing it with a verified application like the Play PM Games app is the best and safe way to enjoy online teen patti.

● Is teen patti fall under the game of skills?

It is a chance game, but learning some tricks might help you win more.

● How to play Teen Patti Online?

You need a verified application that safeguards your privacy. Add a minimum deposit and play games with real money. Read the rules as mentioned earlier to play teen patti online.

● How to win teen patti online?

It is a chance game, and with multiple practises, you can learn some tricks. The experts often bluff and convince others, especially neophytes, to Fold.

● What are the different variants of teen patti?

● Muflis

● Draw

● Auction

● Community

● High-low

● Red and Black

● Folding Joker

● Sudden Death

● Pack Jack

● How does the teen patti game benefit?

People play it for fun in their leisure. Apart from that, the online teen patti with real money has become a source to make extra money. It significantly plays an option to relieve stress and boredom.


Why choose the India Satta Online gambling platform?

Players need to select a reliable online gaming site, especially when entertaining with cash games. India satta is a decent place with a huge user base from a crowd of presently ruling online gaming websites. Unlike duplicate service providers, India Satta believes in customer’s satisfaction. It has a knowledgeable team, an experienced technical team, and professionals with vast knowledge and practice in the game. The responsive support team will provide assistance to start with the game and provide additional guidance related to deposits or instant withdrawals. 


Why play teen patti online in the Play PM Games app?

To enjoy online games stress-free, whether it is teen patti or other games, a verified application is the best and safest way to participate in them. The PM Games app is secure and has excellent features like wallet, live chat, online payment system, instant withdrawals, 24/7 support team, etc.


The money in the wallet stays safe until you withdraw it or automatically get transferred to the bank after a period. Apart from deposit money and the minimum withdrawal charges, there are no hidden charges. The Terms of Use and Privacy states each detail and mandatory information related to games and users. Also, any changes in "Terms of Use" or Privacy, the users get notified timely.  

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