Indian Satta King

Indian Satta King

How many of us have dreamt about reaching to the peak of the game, like most of the Indian Satta King did? I guess, every Satta fanatics, wishes to reach the pinnacle of Satta, like every Satta kingpin did. But, how many of us actually know how did they manage to become the Indian Satta King? Let’s find out.

The ultimate Indian Satta King, as many of the satta lovers know, is none other than Rattan Khatri. When the bets on the cotton rates was banned, he was the person, who re introduced, Satta matka to the public, with a few changes in the game. He would ask the people to bet on imaginary numbers between 0-9 those were written on a piece of paper, and then put in an earthen pot. One chit would be drawn out and the number written on it would be declared as a winning number. Many people got intrigued by the idea, and started playing this game, as the results were declared then and there and there was no scope of being unfair.

Because of his sheer efforts, to keep people engaged with this game, Indian Satta king, came into existence. Even today, a lot of people look upto him, and want to become like him, but only a few knew,that it was not just his contribution towards the game that made him the man he is today, but it’s because of the how he helped the needful with their problems made him the Indian Satta King.


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